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Brass Polishing & Metal Painting in Norfolk, VA

Dresser - Furniture Refinishing in Norfolk, VA
We do a lot more than just stripping, refinishing, and repairs at The Strip Joint. We also add extra polish to furniture with brass polishing and metal painting. Either of these services are the perfect option when you want to get more use out of old and worn furniture. Preserve the look of your furniture with brass polishing and metal painting from our shop in Norfolk, Virginia.

Brass That Shines

Bring back the shine to your brass beds, brass lamps, doors, handles, and hinges by letting us do some brass polishing. Using our buffing wheel, we restore your metal by putting a protective coat of brass lacquer on it.
Steel hinges can be polished and wire brushed. Additionally, we will remove tarnish and paint from brass items, making them look brand new.

Painting That Renews

The Strip Joint will paint your metal or wood items, including wrought iron lawn furniture, to restore value to them. Painting using any color you choose is provided so that your items have the custom appearance you want.
When it comes to painting, we're seeing more of the distressed finishes, where you take a piece, paint it, and then scratch the edges to make it look old. Another technique for making furniture look aged is staining after painting. Call us for more details about these options.
Contact our furniture restorers in Norfolk, Virginia, to request an estimate for your furniture's update appearance.